Prosperous New Year Sms 2015

  • I wish this New Year will come much happiness from you together
    Your all dreams come true, you will get good career
    May you have happiness achievements and safe from ever accident?
    May you will shine and you will smile
    May you will blessed with your all family
    Wish you very Happy New Year of 2015 My Friend
  • 2014 year going beyond and new path is opened
    Forget all grief of 2014 and just think new happiness of 2015
    May you have successful educational and career achievements?
    May you blink like a star?
    May you blink like a sparkle?
    2014 is going, just wish to come New Year very cheerful days for you
    Happy New Year 2015 My Sweet Heart
  • Let us assume many happy weekend for this New Year
    Put a very sweet days in this coming year
    I wish to put many stars, joyful moments and happy days in this year
    Then I want to enjoy all these moments with my nearest friends and family
    I just put all stars for my parents and friends also
    Let I assume this year will be awesome and prosperous for you
    Happy New year to My Parents and Friends
  • New Year is not the name of dates and calendar
    It is not the name of changes and commitments
    It is not the name of attitude and new behaviors
    It is not the name of faith, force and focus
    New Year is only the name of pray which human want from Allah and need successful achievements for their future and present.
    Happy New Year 2015
  • My dear friend I wish some prayers for you for this happy New Year
    You never feel lonely, my all prayers for you
    May Allah give you all happiness and cheerful life for you?
    Just thing about your parents and your friends
    Leave all grief and calm down, just enjoy and thing New Year happiness
    Happy New Year 2015 My Friend

Happy New Year Sms 2015 in Advance

  1. Little keys always used to open
    Big locks
    Simple words are used
    To reflect great thoughts
    You can cure many blocks hearts
    From your cheerful smile
    Keep smiling
    Happy New Year 2015 in advance
  2. New year is around the corner
    Many things are waiting for you
    Freshness, Dreams
    Truth, Imagination
    Faith, Feeling
    Wishing You Very Happy New Year in advance
  3. New year is all about happiness
    New year is all about to love everyone
    New year is all about not to
    worry about the problems
    lets smile new year is about to come
    Happy New Year 2015 in advance

New Year Quotes For Brother 2015

  • I Often give up, but you never made me led down.
    I hope you will make it permanent or many years.
    Happy new year 2015.
  • Secrets of a smile is hidden behind the protecting arms.
    Believe it, it’s true. My real life protector.
    Wishing you a beautiful new year ahead.
  • Things were stolen, but keep in mind relations must not.
    Happy new year brother.
  • Tears drop from the eye, but situations
    handled before they fell. Someone is there.
    Missing you my charming bro. Happy new year.

Have A Blissful New Year 2015

  • I wish you all a great starting off this month.
    May all of your dreams come true this time and
    may you be safe from every bad incident.
  • May you smile
    May you shine
    May you sparkle
    May you be blessed
    Wish you a happy new year my friend.
  • I just wish I could write this with stars in your sky:
    “Have a blissful 2015 year”.
  • I am going
    I am going to be in your life again
    I will never urn my head again
    I am your’s 20-14.