New Year Greetings


Hot Facebook Status For New Year 2015

  • This is my first time,
    This my first year,
    I’m blindly in love with you,
    You are my dream girl,
  • My heart is a desert,
    you’re its pearl,
    How would i tell you,
    What’s your are for me,
    Oh my girl, oh my pearl,
    Today’s is special n i wish you
    Happy new year
  • A Valuable Lesson That a Traffic Signal Teaches us
    Every Problem is Like a RED SIGNAL,
    If you Wait For Some Time It Will Turn GREEN
    Happy new year

Have A Blissful New Year 2015

  • I wish you all a great starting off this month.
    May all of your dreams come true this time and
    may you be safe from every bad incident.
  • May you smile
    May you shine
    May you sparkle
    May you be blessed
    Wish you a happy new year my friend.
  • I just wish I could write this with stars in your sky:
    “Have a blissful year”.
  • I am going
    I am going to be in your life again
    I will never urn my head again
    I am your’s 2015.