New Year Greetings


New Year Greetings For Parents

  • Mom and Dad.
    Thank you for bringing me in your life
    and always neglecting my mistakes and still
    supporting me in whatever I do. Love you always.
    Happy New Year My Lovely Parent’s.
  • Dear Mom and Dad, though I don’t often
    express in words as how much I love you
    but today I want to thank you for the
    wonderful gifts, your blessings and above
    all showing me the right way to make my life
    more beautiful. Thank you very much.
    Happy New Year  2016 Mom Dad.

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New Year Greetings 2016 For Couples

  • You’re a very special couple dear uncle and aunt
    that’s why this New Year greeting holds wishes for your year-round
    happiness and brings affection for the two of you to share,
    your life through, as you deserve all this and much more.
    Happy New Year 2016.
  • i feel so Blessed To have,
    Such Caring People Like You Around,
    You Have Helped Make My Life Wonderful
    Happy New Year Dear Aunt And Uncle.

New Year Greetings For Some One Special

  • Those silly conversations we had and those nights
    when we stayed up late talking to each other.
    I miss them all, every one of them. My sweetheart,
    I love you and miss you with each beat of my heart!
    Have A Happy New Year 2016.
  • There`s no special reason for this MSG,
    I just wanna steal a single moment out
    of Ur busy life & hope I can make u smile n say:
    I Miss U. Happy New Year Special For You.

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New Year Greetings For Loved Once 2016

  • I love to lie down in your arms and listen to your heart beats.
    It makes me feel that there is someone in this world,
    whose heart beats only for me.
    I just can’t stop loving you.
    Wish U Very Happy New Year 2016
  • You make me so happy,
    happier than I have ever been.
    I can search and search,
    but I will never be able to find someone who brings a
    smile to my face the way you do.
    I love you so much & Happy New Year 2016.

Advance Msg 2016

  • Its time to welcome the fresh
    New day with new hopes,
    new expectations, forget
    sorrows and remember good things
    in life. LIKE ME ;-)stay blessed,
    Happy Advance New Year.
  • My favorite place on this planet is your heart and
    on This Coming New Year I would like to tell you
    that you are the world to me.
    Happy Advance New Year 2016.

New Year Greetings For Friends 2016

  • Friends are totally amazing.
    Because In life relations have many names.
    But the most best 1 is Friendship.
    Mom says, Tel me beta whats ur problem?
    I m like ur frnd na.
    Dad says dont feel scared,
    Take me as ur frnd beta.
    Bro/sis says, Come on buddy dont
    hide anything frm me, I m like ur frnd.
    Lover says, Come on sweet heart,
    Treat me as ur frnd.
    Only frnd says, “Han mujhe kyun bataega,
    I m not ur friend na..”
    Happy New Year My All Friends.
  • Time might lead me to nowhere and faith
    might break into pieces but I will always be
    thankful that once in my life`s journey we became friends!
    Happy New Year 2016 To My All Friends.