New Year Quotes


New Year Quotes For Somene Special

  • You are the one in this whole world
    Whole I can trust, respect
    I feel comfortable when you are with me
    You are the one who comes in my dreams everyday
    Happy New Year 2015 to my special one
  • You fulfill any promise life is too short
    May be I can’t fulfill all the promise
    But I’m sure about one thing that
    I love you from the core of my heart
    And I will love you forever
  • Never become Stunned & speechless
    I’m always with you my dear
    Never worried about the world
    Just think about our relationship
    Smile, relax and welcome the New Year

Beautiful Wording For 2015

  • To achieve great things we must dream in
    order to act and believe in order to plan.
    Happy new year 2015
  • What you have learned yesterday you can
    use it as your experience for tomorrow.
    Wish you a bright future in 2015.
    Happy new year
  • Nothing ever lasts forever, neither does bad time.
    It’s time to look forward for a good time to start
    with new hopes and opportunities knocking at our door.
    Happy New year

Happy New Year 2015 Sayings Messages

  1. With this passing year,
    Let’s drop the pains and keep the memories
    Your face is always smiling
    In coming years
    Wish you a very
  2. All the success and cheer this New Year bring for you
    Provide a stunning start to the coming year
    Wish you a very happy new year 2015!
  3. Learn further and teach minus, this year
    Fun extra and cry less,
    Hit the books more and order less,
    Appreciate more and complain less,
    Love others and hate nothing.

New Year Quotes For Brother 2015

  • I Often give up, but you never made me led down.
    I hope you will make it permanent or many years.
    Happy new year 2015.
  • Secrets of a smile is hidden behind the protecting arms.
    Believe it, it’s true. My real life protector.
    Wishing you a beautiful new year ahead.
  • Things were stolen, but keep in mind relations must not.
    Happy new year brother.
  • Tears drop from the eye, but situations
    handled before they fell. Someone is there.
    Missing you my charming bro.

Best Quotes For New Year 2015

  • Its My Advice For All My Friends
    “Every little smile can touch somebody’s heart.
    No one is born happy, but all of us are
    born with the ability to create happiness.
    Happy New Year 2015″.
  • It is just meaningless to expect
    someone to be of your nature. Because
    You can’t hold anyone’s right hand
    in your right hand to walk together .
    Wishing You Very Happy New Year.